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German Post!


We’ve already mentioned several times that the Germans love paper letters as much as they do. But maybe they don’t, and they just don’t have a choice. If you can call your bank to find out something and get an answer at once, the Germans will communicate with it by means of paper letters. Why so? They still consider paper letters to be the main way of official communication. If you receive an email, you can say, “Oh, I haven’t seen it, I’m sorry, I got knocked up in spam, I don’t know anything. You can of course do the same with paper letters. For example, over the years, you have been “overlooked” the subpoenas from the military registration and enlistment office, which come to you 3 times a month. But the Germans MUST check their mailboxes every day. There is an official registration at the place of residence and if the letter came there, you will read it exactly and will not prove that you have not seen it. Is it logical? Well, not at all. We still think that emails are much more convenient. But they have this tradition and they like it, so it’s not for us to judge.

Even there is such a joke, that on rest the German does not unpack suitcases first of all, does not go to try local food, does not sleep, and goes to the post office to send postcards to tens of friends and relatives (not necessarily only the closest). This is how they share their impressions from their travels. I wonder if they have already heard about Instagram?

Do you know how many letters Germans receive every day? 64 MILLIONS! If anybody doesn’t know, then according to the latest census (2016) the population of Germany is 82.5 million. This means that the average German sends and receives a letter almost every day. Now remember how often you communicate with paper letters to compare the scale. We understand that most of these are water and gas bills, fines from the police and letters from state companies and banks. Still, the fact that the Germans send much more letters than any other nation in the world.

95% of internal letters are delivered the day after they are sent, and this is a very good speed. Naturally, the Post does not ignore the technological progress of mankind. Parcel status and location can be tracked through parcel tracking. Stamps can be bought in vending machines or even online (then printed on the printer).

Such are the Germans. Stay with us and after a while we will give you one or two practical tips for sending paper letters in Germany (to Germany). In the meantime, have a good day.

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