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German cartoons


Earlier we did a selection of TV shows in German. Watch specially selected educational series with simple vocabulary – a good and enjoyable way to learn a language. This week SpeakStarter has prepared a similar selection, but with cartoons. Perhaps someone will be more comfortable. Cartoons often have simple vocabulary and clear pronunciation of words so that even the smallest can make out.

First we give you a link to the KinderLernTV channel on YouTube. From the title it is clear that educational cartoons for the smallest ones are published there. Very simple image combined with very simple vocabulary.

YouTube is a great service for finding cartoons, but not the only one. More successful in this regard will be Kindertube. The site contains a whole bunch of cartoons, which are sorted into categories: 0-2 (years), KleinKinder (for small children), Musik (music cartoons), Lehrfilme (educational cartoons). You can experiment, good, there is plenty to choose from.

In particular, on this portal you can find the cartoon “Der kleine Eisbär”, it is very fond of German children. This is something like an analogue of “Umka”.

The children’s entertainment portal has its own set of both classic and new cartoons in German translation. If it seems that the assortment of cartoons is not large enough, you can look in the section “Spiele” – “games” and look for something entertaining and German there.

Very many non-German cartoons that children and adults look at in Russian, are freely available in German translation. – Peppa Pig in German; – French Canadian cartoon Kayu.

Naturally, this is only a small part of the resources on which you can watch German cartoons. We just gave you a few ideas so that you don’t look from scratch. On the Internet you can find a lot of cartoons «auf Deutsch».

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