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German bureaucracy

The Germans love to spend paper on all sorts of forms, questionnaires and photocopies. Any foreigner will have to prepare for the fact that any movements will be accompanied by a huge amount of paperwork: from extending a visa to buying a SIM card.

How to rent an apartment in Germany

To officially rent an apartment, for example, in Germany, you will need a copy of an identity card, a copy of your permission to stay in the country for the entire period of housing rent, a certificate of employment, a certificate of study, a statement of the last 3 settlements from the place of work, Schufa (certificate from the bank about the absence of debts), documents about an open account in a German bank, a document whose only name scares, namely Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung (a certificate that a former landlord does not have financial claims to you) and, perhaps, something else to the taste of the apartment owner or agencies .

To conclude a long-term contract with a mobile operator, you may be required to have an account in a German bank (!) And a German residence permit (!!!). Although some SIM cards can be bought just with a passport and current address of residence. 

Reception and movement of paper questionnaires (applications, photocopies and certificates) is organized very strange. Typical government hours in Germany are from 8:45 to 11:30 every Wednesday and Thursday (for example). You can register online with the Foreign Office in Berlin. If you set the alarm at 7 o’clock in the morning and visit the site, as soon as new places for booking are opened there, you can snatch a 5-minute window in 3 weeks. If you can’t wait so long, then a live queue is at your service! You will come at midnight and by 9 am you will be at the reception. A night in a sociable international company and new acquaintances are guaranteed to you =) You’re lucky if you do not have hard deadlines, because excuses in the style of “what am I supposed to miss work?” you will not convince anyone. Work still have to miss. 

We do not aim to scare you. You must understand that the German bureaucratic system is not a reference for the sake of reference, but a sophisticated system designed to provide comfort and safety to foreigners and locals. Paper madness is not the daily routine of living in Europe, but only a temporary small complexity. 

You will not stay on the street, if you do not have all the necessary documents for renting an apartment, you can always agree with the owner of the apartment directly. There are also ways to purchase a telephone card in places where it does not require an impressive package of documents and it will be even cheaper. You don’t have to figure it out yourself, because we’ve already done this and tell you everything you need to know.

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