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German alphabet for children


The German alphabet for children begins with simple basics – the study of letters. This is the basis on which adults and children begin, who know nothing about phonetics and vocabulary. Learning the alphabet is a simple step, but not everyone can easily overcome it. At the initial stage, there may be difficulties with pronunciation. But if you use the right technique, many difficulties can be avoided. There are 26 symbols in the German alphabet, and 30 symbols together with umlauts and ligatures.
Recommendations of philologists and linguists to study the alphabet

Learning German for children is recommended from the age of 2.5. The best way is to be interested in the topic. For example, a melodic song with consonant words, a bright character from a fairy tale or an ordinary doll who does not understand Russian speech, and to talk to it, it is necessary to learn letters of German.

1. The alphabet for children on cards
This option is the most popular and productive (practice shows). Literature and transcription are written on one side and a word beginning with this letter is written on the other side. Thus, the German alphabet with transcription for children is studied.
The method promotes quick memorization, as the visual support helps to unite the image and the symbol, and their subsequent memorization. The child remembers not only how the literature is pronounced, but also how it is written at the beginning, middle or end of the word. As a result, a child can learn several signs in one lesson.

2. German alphabet for children with pictures

The German alphabet for children with pronunciation can be represented in the form of pictures. This option is suitable for the youngest students. Signs on a sheet of paper turn into different animals and plants.
In this case, you should study the symbol gradually, without rushing. His baby can draw on their own, draw, sing in different tones. Adult is recommended to ask what the letter looks like, what it is associated with, what color it can be.

When three or five characters have been learned, repeat what you have learned so that the child remembers the characters and pronounces them correctly. Once the child has mastered the information, you can learn the letters further.
Games that contribute to the study of the German alphabet

Children’s brains remember new information only through interest. And how can you interest your child? Games and good emotions. For this purpose, experts have developed games that allow not only to remember the letters, but also their pronunciation in various combinations.

1. Cards with a letter should be placed in a chaotic order on the table. The kid takes a sheet, names the letters, as well as the words in which this symbol is present. If game is spent on a floor it is possible to present cards as tiny islands which the child opens – comes.
2. You can remove a few images so that the child can guess which ones are missing. The game promotes concentration and memory development.
3. Ask the child to line up the letters in the right order, as if the train wagons.
4. The adult names the letter, and the child names the words that contain it.
Properly use visual aids: posters, stencils. They often emphasize consonants and vowel sounds and mention sachets and umlauts. Video and audio materials are an important aid. It is interesting to watch cartoons and listen to songs. Colorful design of video or funny voices helps to fix the learned, to improve auditory memory. But before you teach a child, it is important to train yourself in the pronunciation of the symbols.

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