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Foodsharing or free food


There is a good initiative in Germany, which anyone can take. It is called “Foodsharing”. Nobody wants to throw out usable food, given the fact that there are many people who will take it with pleasure.

It is believed that the movement for the salvation of food originated in Berlin. Now this system is successfully operating around the world.

Under the UN data, about a third of the food is in the garbage. For example, a bakery, which does not expose yesterday’s bread, throws all unsold throughout the day in the trash. The same situation is with restaurants and hotels that will not serve trimming sausage of non-commodity type. And supermarkets throw away expired foods. All these institutions become the main “sponsors” of food volunteer rescuers. It happens that the products are given by people to whom they are no longer needed (someone goes on vacation, someone moves). They give up not with good intentions, but simply because they do not want to throw it away.

The activities of organizations are financed by a maximum of voluntary contributions from people, and, often, everything works on the goodwill of people who believe that our society is heavily overconsuming, and we need to do something about it. The point here is not at all in helping the needy and the hungry, although such organizations also exist, but in saving food from mindless destruction.
Customers and employees of food services are a variety of people.

Naturally, the activities of such volunteer organizations, like everything else in Germany, are regulated by the state: licenses, taxes, passing tests for the right to be a food saver, and a huge body of all sorts of rules. According to this code, if someone has already become a food saver, then he has no right not to take some food from those who donate, or to allow at least something to get into the trash can.

In general, now to the most important thing. Where to find such distribution points? Let’s not beat around the bush, here’s a map:

Have a nice day and reasonable consumption!

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