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Features of the online German language course for children


Are you going to go to a country with a German-speaking population all the family – on a trip or for permanent residence? Do you urgently need to teach the youngest member of the family the German language from scratch? Does your child learn German at school, but the level of knowledge is lower than expected? Online school SpeakStarter provides German language training, targeted, among other things, to younger audiences. Convenient format of online lectures, homework, individual and group lessons, high efficiency – a list of opportunities and benefits that our school guarantees.

What is the difference between the German course for children?

Qualitative teaching of children to the German language should be conducted according to a special program. It is different from the usual classes aimed at the adult audience. A key feature is the non-standard delivery of educational material, focused on the constant concentration of attention of a small listener. All material teachers submit in an accessible form. Distance learning is flexible, so it’s possible for your child to learn German without harming basic education. Constant interest, high motivation, use of interactive techniques – such advantages of mastering the German language are offered by our teachers.

How are the classes held?

We recommend learning German for children online, if the student is more than 8 years old. This is the optimal age for mastering the language with proper motivation and understanding. The duration of the classes is an average of 45 minutes – this time is enough to keep the concentration. With longer lessons, the student will become tired and lose interest. Our specialists teach German to children remotely: for lessons your child will need a laptop or computer with a stable Internet connection, headphones and a microphone (or headset) of good quality. The computer must be installed Skype and any modern Internet browser to enter the site of our school. This is enough to get the necessary knowledge from teachers and do homework. We teach German for children in the following formats:


  •  basic course from scratch;
  • Intensive course – in-depth program with emphasis on conversational practice;
  • Preparation for the exam – including the international one for obtaining a language certificate, from A1 to B1. 

Features of the methodology of teaching German to children

If you ordered individual lessons with a teacher, the specialist will build a unique program that takes into account the characteristics of the student: his level of knowledge, the type of memory and other characteristics. If you have chosen group classes, the teacher will use the modern universal program. We teach the German language to children with an alternation of activities: oral information is replaced by games, audio and video content, and conversational practice:


  1. conversational practice takes up most of the session. All pupils get access to a conversation club for
  2. communicating with native speakers of the German language;
  3.  a significant part of the study time is given to grammar;
  4.  compulsory in the class develop reading and writing skills;
  5. the program provides training in the perception of German speech by ear;
  6. compulsory homework allows you to learn the information and check whether the student has
  7. remembered everything correctly. 
  8. We teach children German, providing programs for different age groups. Children up to 12 years of age to master difficult topics helps game, entertainment content: in particular, poems and songs.
  9. Adolescents of the age category (up to 16 years), teachers offer an easy-to-learn program with a serious content: emphasis is on the rules of grammar, literate pronunciation, good perception of spoken language.

Online German Training: Benefits

Available German for children can be taught without spending time on trips to a special school and without attending courses. Modern methods of distance learning give children and parents such advantages:


  •  you save time and protect your baby from risks: you do not need to carry a tired student after classes to classes, risk his health during periods of epidemics;
  • you optimize costs – classes on the Internet are cheaper than studying at courses with equal and even higher efficiency;
  • all the necessary directions develop: oral speech, the ability to write and read in German, the skill of recognizing oral speech;
  •  classes are taught by teachers who really know how to work with children and have appropriate modern methods;
  •  you can achieve the goal: to learn the basics, improve school knowledge, prepare for exams and so on. 

    We guarantee the effective education of children in the German language with the achievement of the desired result. All that is needed from the child is the desire to join the foreign language, which is included in the TOP-10 most sought-after in the world.

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