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Errors that can be made at the university


It turns out that things are not so strict with studies at a foreign university. It will be informative for you to read about mistakes that can, and sometimes should be, done in foreign universities.

Let’s start with the fact that you are not obliged to read everything from cover to cover, everything that a professor asks you. Even if at the beginning of a new semester you want to take hold of your head, this will not be a guarantee of success. Plus, it’s almost impossible. The literature is given in order to review all the texts that relate to the topic. From them you can choose those that seem to you more necessary, or those that will be available in the Internet / library. The second reason for the impressive list is to show students and colleagues how demanding the teacher is, how difficult the subject is and how much everything the academician read and knew. Although, the fact that even teachers do not read all the literature they give to students. Delving into the topic is not bad, but it’s okay if you read one out of 20 books.

There is no need to study at night and on weekends. Statistics show that a third of students spend more than 50 hours a week on studies and work. Given that, by law, no one should spend more than 40 on everything together. Studies show that doing more than 35 hours a week is not productive. Eastern European students are accustomed not to spare and sleep for 40 hours during the session. In European universities, it is customary to work throughout the semester, distribute the load and devote time to rest, which is no less important for a good mastery of the material than active study. So between “not getting enough sleep” and “not getting enough sleep” you should choose the second.

The mistake that can and should be made is to put “stupid” questions to the professor. As many “stupid” questions as possible! After all, they are happy to answer them. In European universities, communication via e-mail or even social networks is welcome. This is an integral part of learning. More questions should be asked in the library, according to Christian Holtz from the library of the University of Bonn. A librarian is first of all a person who will give advice on current literature and tell you what can only be found in them, and what only in the Internet. Information resources are updated faster than the list of references, which is given to prepare for the seminars.

The European university system works in such a way that you have the opportunity to transfer exams to the next semester, if you think that preparation is not enough for a good grade. There are cases when, right on the exam, a student neglects all the work, realizing that he is not ready yet. Not prepared for the exam? Surrender in six months! This is a good strategy, if not abused, said Elke Muddeman-Paula from the Academic Advisory Center of the University of Duisburg-Essen. But you need to understand that in the next semester you will have new subjects, if the debt is more than two subjects, you will have to take an additional semester to pass them and, therefore, get a diploma six months later.

When writing a thesis and term paper, do not be afraid to turn not to a demanding teacher with an excellent reputation, but to any other. Such leaders spend less time with students, do not say what they expect, and in the end you get a bad grade. Then just explain how important “Mr. Muller” in this area and why you have a bad assessment. You are not required to turn your diploma into an extensive research project. It is much more important to do the work that you can finish by not being strongly attached to it emotionally.
Study at a foreign university

Studying at a foreign university always seems to be something difficult and responsible. Do not forget that those who study there are the same people, and not machines for training. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone faces something new, everyone sometimes is a bummer and you want to make it faster and easier. Students are students and even in Europe they successfully receive diplomas.

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