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Erdbeeren selbst pflücken in Germany


Saturday morning, hot summer day, you have a day off, and you wake up at 7 am
Are you going to pick strawberries in the fields?

Then most likely you are German, or Austrian, or Swiss. It’s not that you don’t have the money to buy it at the supermarket, but that you decide to entertain yourself. This is called “Erdbeeren selbst pflücken” – “independently picking strawberries”. The idea, we think, is clear. The berries that you pick in the fields are much cheaper than those you buy in supermarkets. In addition to monetary benefits, you get a portion of the good old manual labor, which many employees of stuffy offices are so lacking these days.

Strawberries in such a field will cost you about 3-4 euro per kilogram, not counting all those kilograms that you eat in the collection process =) Having the opportunity to feast on the field without paying for eaten, by the way, is specified separately, but prohibit and monitor you will not, in any case. Price depends on the quantity. The more you collect, the less you pay for each kilogram (10 kg – 25 euros). In a supermarket for 3 euros you can afford a maximum tray of 400 grams and it will not be the best strawberry. Scientists have proved that the fruits collected by themselves are tastier.

Naturally, you can not only collect strawberries, as well as apples, asparagus and some other fruits. Strawberries simply bring the maximum monetary benefit to you and the owners of the plantations.

Interesting to know!

There is a good initiative in Germany that anyone can take. It is called “Foodsharing”. Nobody wants to throw out usable food, considering the fact that there are many people who will take it with pleasure.

It is believed that the movement for the salvation of food originated in Berlin. Now this system is successfully operating around the world.

Now the subject. There is a website which collects all existing strawberry plantations that offer self-picking services. They are sorted by zip codes. The website offers you three options: asparagus, strawberries and apples. The locations of the fields can be viewed on the map.

If these sites were not very helpful, try finding the right field yourself. If you enter “Erdbeeren / Äpfel selbst pflücken Wien (z.B.)” in Google – “strawberries / apples to collect Vienna yourself (for example)”, you will find the nearest plantation.

This is a great family vacation for Europeans. We hope you enjoy it too.

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