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Driver’s license — exam


We have already figured out how and why to get a driving license in Germany. And now let’s take a closer look at the process of passing the theoretical and practical exam, find out exactly what knowledge is required of you and how to pass all exams successfully from the first time.

Theoretical exam

First you take a theoretical exam. You have 45 minutes to take it. It consists of 30 questions and two video tasks. You have the right to 9 wrong answers, if more, the test is not passed. This is quite a lot, but the tasks are not easy either. There are those where you have to choose a few correct answers.

Many questions of the theoretical test concern ecology, the culture of behavior on the roads, the rules of the car, the ability to calculate the braking distance and especially many questions dedicated to cyclists on the roads. This is what a motorist really has to face in his daily life. Therefore, do not fully rely on previous knowledge gained in a driving school of another country.

If the test is not passed the first time, you need to attend two more classes in the driving school and try it in a week. After the third unsuccessful attempt to wait for three months, after 4 you need to undergo a special medical examination, after 6 unsuccessful attempts, you can no longer get the rights.

You can also take the test in Russian. The cost of the exam will be about 40-80 euros (depending on land).

Practical exam

The practical exam takes place in the same way as driving training in a driving school – in the city, not on a special training ground. Lasts 45 minutes, during which the examiner sits with you in the car (the same, on which you trained in a driving school), tells you where to go, watching for each of your movements. Before you start your trip, he may ask you to check your oil level, turn on your headlights or anything else. Will be tested driving around the city, driving on the autobahn, the ability to park, ride on the yards and everything that may be necessary for the future motorist.

The examiner gives instructions where you need to go, if not, you need to go straight. There may be a situation when, with his silence, he will direct you under the sign “no travel allowed”, then it is worth stopping and asking for the road. It is necessary to constantly (!) look in the mirrors. Check the blind spots and defiantly turn your head every time you change the lane and at every intersection. If there is any doubt, it is better to stop. The main thing to remember is that a driving instructor will not send a student to the exam if he is not sure that he is ready. Therefore, the cause of failure can be extremely excessive excitement.

In case of unhurried passing, the pupil will have to take another 10 hours of driving lessons in the driving school and pay the same sum for passing the exam again.

The price of the exam is 80 euros, plus an instructor accompaniment is 130 euros.

Now you know everything you need to get a driving license in Germany. We wish you good luck with it!

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