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DAAD – Scholarship for students in Germany


We have already written before about what scholarships are available for study in Germany and how to get them. But there is one fund that gives out scholarships, which is so much more than others that it deserves a separate article.

DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst – German Academic Exchange Service). “The main goals of DAAD are to support the young generation in Germany and abroad in the fields of science and culture, economics and politics, to educate them in a spirit of openness and mutual understanding, as well as to increase the internationality and prestige of German universities, to support Germanism, German language, literature and country studies in foreign institutions of higher education.

A chance for everyone

They give out thousands of scholarships every year. Since its inception (in 1925), it has provided assistance to about 2 million students worldwide. The organization’s activities have long gone beyond the provision of monetary aid. It is an association of educational institutions and students who seek to make education more international. The aim is to unite and share experiences.

Preference is given to people who have studied at university (in any country), because they can prove their academic success. There are no age restrictions. There is no preference for professions, although some have restrictions.
Programs vary from summer schools for a few weeks, to scholarships for the entire period of study at the university. There are also many different funding options.


You can apply for the scholarship either in person (in Germany or your country) or through the website.
The documents required depend on the programme selected. This can be a motivation letter or a research plan. All documents must be in German or English. You can only send documents for one programme at a time and only for inpatient study (not by correspondence or online).

If you are applying for a master’s degree, for example, you must apply for a scholarship while you are still studying for a bachelor’s degree. To become a scholarship holder in the autumn, you need to apply in the spring and in the autumn. What is important is that you don’t even have to wait for an invitation from the university, you can send it later.

Your language level depends on your academic direction. Obviously, (future) students in the humanities field should have a very good command of German, but not in engineering, for example. And if the language of instruction is English, then it is necessary to confirm the knowledge of English.

Thousands of students all over the world become DAAD scholarship holders, which makes their lives much easier. They’re not prodigies and they’re not lucky. They’re the same people who aren’t afraid to give it a try.

Link: https://www.daad.org/

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