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Blocked account for studying in Germany


To get a student visa, you must prove your financial ability to live in the country. This is not done in the same way as for a Schengen visa, because you need guarantees that this is real money, it belongs to you and will not be withdrawn from your account the day after the application at the embassy. Today it will be a question of opening a blocked account to confirm sufficient financial security for the duration of your stay in Germany. The alternative to a blocked account is a financial guarantee from a German citizen.
For a year of study it is necessary to have 8640 euros, that is 720 euros per month.

After receiving an invitation from the university, this account is opened and only then all documents are taken to the embassy to apply for a student visa.


Two financial institutions are usually listed on the websites of German embassies in the former Soviet Union: Deutsche Bank and Fintiba. You will most likely have to work with them as well. However, it will never be superfluous to check the information on the embassy website again.

Banks often offer preferential (free) service for students, credit limit, etc. It is also worth scrutinizing account closing conditions.
An online form is completed on the bank’s website and you will then receive the contract electronically.


The next step is to validate the documents at the consulate/embassy and send them to Germany. Details of this procedure can be found on the website of the German Embassy in your country. Usually you will get the documents certified by the embassy or consulate and send them to a German bank. The cost of this procedure is 25 euros.

When the German bank has received all the documents that were sent to them, they will open an account for you and send you the details for filling it out. You can fill it out as you wish. Just find out from your bank which option is best for you. You can fill up your account in several stages, in different currencies, online or in cash. The main thing is that at the end of it you get 8640 euros.

What’s the next step?

As soon as the money is available, the bank will send you confirmation of a blocked account with sufficient funds. With this confirmation, you will apply for a student visa. After one year you will have to renew it and show the funds in this account again. The amount of money may increase over time.

When you come to Germany, you can unblock your account, get a payment card and use your money safely. But no more than 720 euros per month.

The procedure of opening a blocked account with a German bank is one of the most difficult stages of obtaining a student visa to Germany. But you can always ask questions to an embassy, university or bank. You will not be left alone.

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