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Best Job Search Websites for Germany


We have already talked about how and why to get a work visa to Germany. Today SpeakStarter will delight you with its traditional selection. Our topic: sites for job search.

First of all, the best option is if you already know the company you would like to work for and find a job directly on the company’s website. Usually, large companies have a “career” (Karriere) or “job” (Jobs, Jobangebote) section on the site. If there are a lot of vacancies, you will be offered different filters for easy search.

If you don’t have anything concrete in mind, the online exchange is the right site for you.

Such sites are divided into two types: those on which employers place vacancies and those that scan all the online labor exchange and give you all the options from all sites.

Sites for Metasearch

Sites that scan other sites: jobworld.de, jobanzeigen.de and adzuna.de. There are no special differences between them, but for reliability, you can try several sites.

And does not forget about a site that has everything, including work: ebay-kleinanzeigen.de.

Sites for direct search

Next are the sites where employers directly post their proposals. They have their advantages: there you can post your resume on the portal itself and apply for a job in one click.

stepstone.de is the largest site of its kind. You can search, submit, and post vacancies on it for free.

jobware.de – also one of the largest. It is very convenient to look for jobs by category at once.

monster.de is an international site with a lot of vacancies and a very user-friendly interface.

It is impossible not to advise to visit the state German labor exchange.

There are many such sites. It makes sense to use only the most popular ones. They do not differ much from the same sites around the world.

Well, a good life haul: a great place to find a job is social networking sites. There everything happens much faster and easier, without unnecessary red tape. You can find fast part-time jobs and the like. Find a theme group in your city and check it regularly. Vacancies can take up to 15 minutes. And even less obvious is the discussion of “work” in various thematic groups VKontakte. It is much easier for a Russian-speaking person to find a job there.

Are you ready to look for a job? Don’t miss our materials on correct CV design, writing motivation letters, and letters of recommendation.

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