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Berlin dialect of German

Der Berliner Dialekt – Berlin dialect. It is often said that Berlin is a separate country and not at all Germany. It is not strange that they have their own language.
berlinerisch sprechen

You can often hear the phrase “berlinerisch sprechen” – “speak Berlin”. There is even a special verb “berlinern” – “speak Berlin”.

The Berlin dialect is distinguished by such features:

G = J:

Juten Tag = Guten Tag – good day;
Janz jenau = ganz genau – absolutely for sure.

ich = ick:

Ick freue mich = ich freue mich – I am happy.

Was = wat:

Wat machst du? = was machst du? – what are you doing?

Tschüss – Tschö – for now.

Ei = ee, au = oo:

Ein = een is an indefinite article;
Rauch = Rooch – smoke.

Of course, we mentioned far from all the features, but only the most basic ones. For the perfect mastery of the dialect will have to go to Berlin. Although, in fairness, we note that the Berlin language is dying out because of the general tendency to switch to literary German

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