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Austrian German Vocabulary

Every week we publish material about the difference between the Swiss and Austrian versions of the German language. This week is no exception. Before you are a set of random but frequently used words of Austrian German, which we have never met before.

Austrian German – Literary German – Russian;

die (plural) Zündhölzer – die (plural) Streichhölzer – matches;

Das Gewand (..wänder) – die Kleidung (=) – clothes;

Das Mistkübel (-n) – der Mülleimer (=) – trash can;

Die Hausübunge (-n) – die Hausaufgabe (-n) – homework;

das Zuckerl (-n) – das Bonbon (-s) – candy (without chocolate);

der Bub (-en) – der Junge (-en) – a young guy;

das Sackerl (-n) – die Tüte (-n) – package;

sich verkühlen (-te; -t) – sich erkälten (-te; -t) – to catch a cold.

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