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Austrian German (pronunciation)

The Austrian German is not only remarkable for a slightly different vocabulary, but also for its special pronunciation. Here are some features of how Austrians say:

The ending of the words “-ig” in standard German is read as “-ich” (“-ih”), while autrians prefer to say “-ik” (“-ik”) instead. For example, “der König” (“king”) is “kyonik”, not “konyh”. Hello from the Berlin accent =)
The second moment is the letter “s”, in Hochdeutsch it is pronounced so that a vibration occurs between the tongue and the teeth, but the Austrians hiss more and the sound is not very expressive. “Sonne” (“sun”) means “sssone”, not “zone”.
By analogy with the first paragraph, the sound “Ch” at the beginning of the word is read as “k”, and not “sch” or “ch”. That is, China – will be pronounced not as “hina” in that German, which we learn and not “rank”, as in English. In Austrian German, we pronounce “kina”.

Naturally, these are not all differences between the Austrian version of the German language. With us you will find much more.

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