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Another way to learn German is Au Pair

Many of us want to go to Germany, Austria or Switzerland, live there, learn the language. We have discussed many ways to do this. Today one more – Au Pair.

If a:

You are 18-26 (Germany) / 27 (Austria) / 25 (Switzerland) years old;
You have a basic knowledge of German (at least complete A1);
You are not married and have no children;
You can pay the cost of the move;
Have the desire to live in the country for at least 6 months, maximum 1 year;
You have not done an au pair in this country before

Then you are an ideal candidate for participation in the program, the essence of which is as follows: you live in a foreign country in a host family and do a certain job (mainly childcare). Well, in return, of course, you get housing, food, pocket money and the opportunity to attend language courses several times a week.

The essence of the program is to make you feel part of a family. Up to 30 hours a week, you are expected to receive help in the household (washing, cleaning, cooking …) and help with children (pick up from school, walk, take to courses, feed, play …). But nothing difficult to entrust you can not. The hours of your work are stipulated, and you can live in a separate room, which is locked with a key. So, despite the merger with the family, you still have personal space and time. Since the duration of the program is more than 6 months, you even have the right to paid leave (4 weeks).

In order to become part of the program, you must have a certain set of personal qualities that are identified in the selection process. You need to be communicative, not have bad habits, get along well with children. Experience shows that preferences are often given to girls (but this is only a trend).

To participate, do the following:

register at com;
find a suitable family for you on the platform (city, age, conditions, number of children …);
conduct a video interview with your family, find out everything you need about spending money, weekends, the rhythm of life of children, responsibilities, type of housing, why they need an Au Pair, the presence of special duties, etc .;
sign a contract that you download from the official site;
apply for a visa (a detailed list of documents for participation in the program can be found on the website of the embassy);
pack your bags.

The program has many goals: in addition to the new family for six months / year, you learn the language, make a cultural exchange and spend a long time living a completely new life in a new country.

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