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Online school
of German

You want to work or study in a German-speaking country, prepare to relocate or are already there, in any case, German is not a wish, it is a necessity.

That’s why our goal is to make the process of mastering German easier and more affordable.

Visiting a traditional language school is not always the best option for people who want to learn German. Especially when we say about busy people, for whom there is a long road to school and back, an inflexible schedule of classes and their busy travel schedule can be the reason for putting on hold German.

We are aware of all these problems and strive to help our students achieve their goals without violating their habitual schedule.

Maximum flexibility, individual approach and focus on achieving results is the main distinguishing feature of SpeakStarter from other schools of the German language.

Classes always and everywhere

No circumstances can make you miss classes

Learning without excess

Only the practical knowledge necessary to achieve results

Russian-speaking tutors

Simple explanation of complex topics in the native language

Convenient organization of lessons

Homework, lesson materials, lesson planning - all in your personal account

Skills in practice

Conversation club with native speakers will not give the acquired knowledge to remain only a game

Confirmed knowledge

Certificate with the school's stamp, as well as a recommendation in LinkedIn after graduation

Do homework effectively

In addition to the ability to plan lessons, review useful materials and recall the topics covered, the private account provides students with the opportunity to do homework directly from their personal account and immediately send them for examination to their tutor, attaching questions that have arisen.

Constant checking of homework to exclude any gaps in knowledge.

In addition, the personal account will help you to stay informed: it is here that you will find information about the upcoming conversation club or webinar and will be able to sign up for it.

Learning of the XXI century

SpeakStarter keeps pace with the times and does everything possible to make the educational process as convenient as possible.

That’s why we introduce the elements of Iterative learning into your personal account.

At the moment we offer a personal dictionary for each student, where new words are added, learned in the lessons, as well as vocabulary obtained from the video with subtitles available from the corresponding section of the personal account.