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“Everything new is well-forgotten old” - say the adherents of the Soviet school, but not our teachers. Modern materials only!
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Plan lessons, review useful materials, recall topics you have completed, and make sure you are doing everything right by sending your homework right away to the teacher for review. All of this is possible in your personal area.
Online exercises
Practice your skills through specially adapted audio and video materials, perform tasks of any complexity for all levels with automatic checking and error analysis.
Speaking club
Practice what you have learned, improve your communication skills and overcome language barriers by communicating with other students on a variety of topics.
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Indirect questions in German

Do you know how to ask indirect questions in German? If not, you will know that after reading this article.

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Konjunktiv II in German

If you would read our current grammar material, you would learn how to make a subjunctive mood in German. What

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What is forbidden in Germany?

SpeakStarter has brought you a short list of strange things that are prohibited by law in Germany: Lamps (Glühbirnen). Yes,

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German via Skype with SpeakStarter

SpeakStarter Online School offers effective learning of German on Skype. We have prepared personalized lessons for students of all ages. Experienced teachers work on an individual program, using effective methods.

German courses at SpeakStarter will help you learn German quickly and effectively from scratch. This means that the educational materials will be tailored to the personal interests of each client.
There are language courses available for you:
● schoolchildren;
● adults;
● beginners (from scratch);
● intensive – for people with a solid base.

Separate direction – preparation for international exams.

Our goal is to make sure that education brings real results and helps students to realize their plans.
1. Unique experience
2. interesting and intense activities
3. expert work of teachers

All this is available to people who want to have knowledge for moving, studying, working, career development, communication.