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Erdbeeren selbst pflücken in Germany

Saturday morning, hot summer day, you have a day off, and you wake up at 7 am Are you going

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International Youth Travel Card in Germany

This article will be interesting to everyone, even if you do not live and do not study in Germany or

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Advantage of German courses via Skype in SpeakStarter

The team of the online school SpeakStarter is convinced that the boundaries of our language are the boundaries not only of our career and place of residence, but of our self-development, and the wider these borders, the more opportunities we have open. Learning German with us – an exciting adventure and a guarantee of success.

By studying German via Skype at our school, you can be absolutely sure that you will receive only the practical knowledge necessary to achieve the result, and our Russian-speaking teachers will simply and easily explain complex topics in your native language.