Anna Sinitsina

Lessons with Egor is 100% satisfied !!! Punctuality, flexibility, responsiveness, individual approach, possession of modern technologies, which is very helpful in distance education. And of course, excellent knowledge of the language! I recommend that everyone, lessons with Egor give odds to many lessons face-to-face.


Natalia is a wonderful German teacher with an individual approach, very punctual and responsible. Approaches to learning the language from all sides and for the hour of the lesson we have time to go through all the planned: grammar, vocabulary, various exercises, translation, spoken German and spoken language. Natalia intelligibly explains new topics, checks homework in her own time and appreciates the student's time. The result is felt in two weeks!


Olga Bosler
Yana Eremin

I did not think that from the distance learning something good would turn out, but still signed up for individual lessons. The time of training was adjusted to me, and not I was adjusted to training. For me, this point was very important. Classes were given to me easily thanks to the wonderful teacher Anna. She clearly pronounced the words and in an easy form brought information. I benefited from the lessons. Language tightened in the shortest time, without spending a lot of time and money.


So it turned out that I learned German from the first class, but the structure of knowledge was like a house from cocktail tubes - it seems to be there, but there's no point. Six years have passed since school and I moved to Germany, tried to teach myself, but it did not work out. And here, about a miracle! Sensei Yegor :) I do not know where the young man has so much patience and talent for teaching, but from the level of -0 (I do not understand, do not touch me) for three months - A2-B1. The grammar went to the head as if it had always been there. Let's cope with my tongue-tie, and go! On passing exams in the university :) My most successful experience with a tutor. And what's cool, you have a lesson, and you poured yourself a seagull in a robe sitting on your favorite couch and you get knowledge :)


Anna Yazykova
Lyudmila Litvinenko

The school attracted me with its favorable offers and inexpensive rates for tuition. The trial lesson I had with Natalia, after him I realized that this is what I need. All the knowledge that I received in the classroom was memorized quickly and easily, because the teacher does not focus only on grammar, but also devotes a lot of time to communication and listening to the records from native speakers. The lessons were held at a convenient time for me, and always if necessary I could contact the teacher. At the moment I have a confident B1, and already in the beginning of summer I'm going to go to Germany for job placement.



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