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Deutsch für Kinder online


Intensive German courses: fast, effective training

Online school SpeakStarter offers German Intensive courses for people who want to learn the language as quickly as possible. An experienced teacher will assess the real knowledge of each student and offer a unique program of training on Skype in a short time. The intensive program is a series of interrelated lexical and grammatical topics. If you need to master the German language within 2-3 weeks, intensive lessons will help achieve this goal.

Benefits of intensive courses online Intensive is a kind of lessons that we conduct in large numbers, at a high pace and in tight pre-determined terms. We work online – and this kind of training will bring you only convenience. After all, you will be engaged in convenient conditions and with a suitable schedule for you. German intensive courses are aimed at filling in the gaps in the available skills. Here are three features of intensive training: 1. The acquired knowledge and conversational skills need to be backed up with practice as soon as possible. That is why language intensive courses are better spent just before the scheduled communication with the carriers (travel, business negotiations, etc.). The fact is that these programs are designed to achieve a specific goal, and the nature of the knowledge obtained at this pace requires instant fixation. 2. German intensive courses on lexical-grammatical content do not differ from standard training programs. Instead of a few months, you get this knowledge in a couple of weeks. Frankly, it’s not easy to study at this pace. And you will need a lot of motivation to achieve the result. However, the result is worth it. 3. Learn German online at an intensive pace is best in a limited scope: for example, within the same level. Intensively learn German from scratch and to a confident conversational level is impossible. Therefore, this method is suitable if you need to order skills, fill gaps, improve the level, study a specific topic.

Why do you need to learn German intensively?

You can realize any goal you set. We offer an intensive course “German online” and help you quickly get knowledge if you need preparation for such events: * business trip; * business meeting; * admission to the educational institution; passing the language exam to obtain a certificate; * tourist trip to the German-speaking country; * moving to work or permanent residence.

With what intensity do you need to practice?

The average number of academic hours for mastering one level (for example, B1, B2 and so on) is 50-60. Therefore, if you study 3 times a week, it will take up to 1 month, and if you study every day – the courses will take 14 days. You can independently determine the appropriate pace of lessons. Learning by Skype, you will get the necessary amount of theoretical knowledge. Supplement them will help homework and practice communication with carriers.

Be comfortable, fast, efficient and intense

Intensive German courses are aimed at achieving individual goals. Our experienced teachers are ready to compose a unique program and provide all the necessary information online. What does it give? You can study intensively at home, at work or on the road, by yourself choosing the time, periodicity, format of lessons. You do not miss anything and with the proper level of motivation you can realize your desires – learn German quickly. We are ready to help you: please contact us to discuss the details and start studying.

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